BOOK OF DREAMS – Music by Japanese and Greek composers for female voice, flute & piano


April 29, 2014


Τhis performance is part of a concert series by Shonorities featuring various perspectives of Japanese music and culture. The works by the composers Michio Mamiya and Shiro Fukai focus on their native culture, whereas those by Jo Kondo and Takashi Yoshimatsu look towards the West. On the other hand the pieces by both the critic/composer George Leotsakos and Basil Athanasiadis are influenced by Japanese arts and aesthetics, potentially offering a new source of inspiration not only for Western but also for Japanese artists. Such phenomenon of reciprocal cultural relationship is in essence the basis of creativity and cultivation of a diverse global cultural consciousness.


With the support of the Japanese Embassy in Greece and the Music Program of the Hellenic American College (HAEC) in collaboration with the Hellenic American University (Manchester, NH, USA).


Download here the poster and the programme notes